Of Trials, Transitions and Transformations

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost

Here we are, hoping that the road we have taken will make a difference, not only for ourselves, but for our wonderful users and supporters.

We have great news to share with all our friends. For those of you who have followed us closely, you have seen that we were able somehow to launch and manage two very exciting services to help anyone monetize Pinterest – Pintics and ShopInterest.co

Our recently launched eCommerce platform helps anyone create a fully featured online store out of any Pinterest board.  ShopInterest.co has generated a lot of interest amongst our users and many other Pinterest users who want to grab the tremendous opportunity of generating sales from their followers. Plus, we have received an investment to continue building ShopInterest.co

However, just like any young startup, we need to focus our scarce resources. Therefore, we have decided to continue building our eCommerce platform and will leave the Pinterest Analytics space for now. However, we have arranged for our Pintics users to go to Pinfluencer.com, as they will provide Pinterest Analytics services for our users. Pintics will remain available until Oct 31st, 2012.

We are also extremely happy to join Mexican.VC and the 500Startups family, and with their support, we plan to make ShopInterest.co the best eCommerce solution for anyone using Pinterest.  Stay Tuned for more updates!

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Working during Labor Day Weekend – Shopinterest.co almost ready!

Hi Dear Pinners!

Our Pintics ecommerce platform

I know we have been quiet lately, but for a good cause! As many of you told us, you wanted help to help you sell better with Pinterest, or even without it! So we have been working on launching our eCommerce platform. (Translation = A really cool looking online store you can make in minutes -with easy-to-use Pinterest integration!)

We will also be inviting all our Pintics friends to join us. So everyone gets a chance to experience a better solution to sell than ebay or easy, and leverages the amazing sales power of your Pinterest audience.

If you haven’t sign up yet to Pintics, you can learn more by going to shopinterest.co and sign up there!

Thanks for your support- lots of news going out soon.

Having Fun – At the AngelHack Hackathon launching shopinterest.co

Hi Pinners!

We are taking a break this weekend to do a fun Hackathon project. We love these things, so we are working on a fun e-commerce project related to Pinterest – shopinterest.co

What is Shopinterest? Make your Pinterest Store in Minutes! A fun way to sell using Pinterest – No website required.  Sign up at shopinterest.co

Here is our co-founder Francisco pitching the idea to the crowd – More Pictures soon!


Having a ball with PinterestMadness – The best contest for March Madness Fans

Pinterest Madness

Hi fellow pinners!

OMG, we have been so busy getting everything ready that we are late to mention that we have teamed out with the wonderful folks from Emisare Marketing who put together Pinterest Madness! The most fun you can have during march madness! The Elite eight games are going on right now. So check the contest out HERE!

We are honored to be assisting the contest with the analytics they need to support their contest!  This is what we Scott Williams, from Emisare Marketing said to the press:

“To process the volume of entries that NCAA Tournament excitement could generate, Emisare realized that they needed quick access to accurate participation metrics. “We knew we’d need an automated statistics system to run the competition,” notes Williams. “Searching for a service that provides accurate Pinterest analytics, we found Pintics, and asked them to partner with us.”

“As soon as we understood the promise of Pinterest, we realized that marketers would need reliable, high-quality metrics to make it work as a communications tool,” says Pintics Co-Founder Francisco Guerrero. “We’re here to help people understand and optimize all of their Pinterest traffic, so providing the metrics to power this contest was right in our wheelhouse. When Scott explained Pinterest Madness to us, we jumped at the chance to work with his team”

You can check what the rest of the article here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/622227#ixzz1q1P3VRGd

So have fun! Hope your brackets are still alive and going!  We’ll save a few T-shirts for our best followers!






Welcome to Pinning Dreams – The Pintics Blog

We’re ready to hack with the best of them.

Welcome to Pintics!

We’re here to help all the Pinners, those who are devoted Pinterest fans, those who work managing many accounts, or already have a large following,  those who want to get the best results from the traffic and sales generated by your pins. Try cool tools like a multiple picture uploader and quick tagging.

Measure your Pinterest activity, your followers, your likes and see how they become your customers! With our tools you will Pin Smarter, Faster, Better! Perfect for the power user, the social media veteran or any online storefront, from Etsy to Ebay and other nationwide retailers!

We’re like Tweetdeck+KISSmetrics for your Pinterest account!

Come join us! The adventure is about to begin!