Tune in July 12 – AngelHack National Demo Day

Howdy Pinners! Hope you all had a great Independence Day! There are tons of beautiful fireworks pins on Pinterest. Did you check them out?

In case you didn’t know, we were featured in TechCrunch!!! Yes, Shopinterest – the little product we developed over the weekend at AngelHack Summer 2012. Shortly after its debut, we’ve seen overwhelming amount of interests from people around the globe, to name a new:

“Ever wonder what would happen if Pinterest and Amazon had a baby? Well, it’d probably look a lot like Shopinterest, the newest project from the analytics company Pintics, a tracking service for analytics and data on the Pinterest site.” – from America

“Cojonudo Javier! mucha fuerza, lo vas a petar. Apoyos desde España, ya he firmado, followeado, compartido y de todo.” – from Spain

“핀터레스트 분석서비스 Pintics를만든 사람이 만든 Shopinterest. 핀터레스트의 핀보드를 순식간에 개인 쇼핑몰로 바꿔주는 서비스. 아직 런칭은 하지않은듯” – from Korea

“ShopInterest: Pinterest的电商黄金时代到来!” – from China (Shopinterest gets a lot of media coverage in China – one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world. See here for a very encouraging and positive report by NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) – a leading Internet company in China.)

Not enough? We are heading to AngelHack National Demo Day on July 12th, as 1 of the 25 national finalists!!! So excited to meet other winning teams from Seattle, Silicon Valley, Boston and New York!

So, why do we think Shopinterest will be a game changer?

1) From buyer’s perspective, Shopinterest makes your wishes come true.

“I use Pinterest as a visual wish list of the products I’d love to buy if I had a little extra cash – everything from shoes to clothes to makeup to home decor – and I’ve bought a number of products after seeing them pop up on my Pinterest homepage. This is why I’m both intrigued and excited about a new program called Shopinterest that allows you to turn a Pinterest board into an online store.”

2) From seller’s perspective, Shopinterest lets you leverage Pinterest’s popularity to significantly increase traffic and sales. Need some real stats? Here you go ~~~

What is better than creating a product that can benefit both parties and is long-awaited in this era?

Btw, have you ever thought about gleaning insights from your traffic/sales data? Is it Shopinterest + Pintics? I would prefer to save it for another post. :)