Pintics’ Demo takes part of the 1st Pinterest Meetup – Held at Ebay

Hi Pinners!!

It has been a couple of very busy weeks, we are working towards our next round of invites, hope for 500 more to come in the next 10 days and also improving our site, even perhaps a new look and feel and more features for your Pinterest analytics.

We also took part of the 1st Pinterest meetup, full of developers and interested parties, held at Ebay, graciously put together by Sudha Jamthe and Robert Schwentker.  There were a couple of demos, from the awesome guys at that have build a fantastic Pinterest-inspired Ebay UI with Pin buttons. Looks lovely. We also had the chance to Demo our web application and hear great things from Kent Brewster, a developer from Pinterest! (but that part is not on the video)

The video is below! Please Pin it!!

Hope you enjoy this and thanks again for your support. More invites coming soon!

Our demo starts around 7:50 minutes into the video. But watch it all . Is really cool.


Working Hard – Loving Our First Batch of Users!

Hi everyone!

We’ve been having a very exciting week ┬áhere at Pintics world headquarters! Our first 100+ users have joined us and we are extremely happy and thankful for each one of them.

We’re working hard on cleaning up all the issues and making Pintics even better!

We’re also seeing some really interesting and unexpected trends on the data! We’ll put our findings soon!

Also, remember to vote for us at Start-up Idol – We’re competing against another 63 startups! We need your vote!