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We’re ready to hack with the best of them.

Welcome to Pintics!

We’re here to help all the Pinners, those who are devoted Pinterest fans, those who work managing many accounts, or already have a large following, ┬áthose who want to get the best results from the traffic and sales generated by your pins. Try cool tools like a multiple picture uploader and quick tagging.

Measure your Pinterest activity, your followers, your likes and see how they become your customers! With our tools you will Pin Smarter, Faster, Better! Perfect for the power user, the social media veteran or any online storefront, from Etsy to Ebay and other nationwide retailers!

We’re like Tweetdeck+KISSmetrics for your Pinterest account!

Come join us! The adventure is about to begin!



7 thoughts on “Welcome to Pinning Dreams – The Pintics Blog

    • I haven’t started using Stumble Upon yet, but I’m head over heels for Pinterest! I wish it would have been arnuod when I was planning my wedding. I’m following you on Pinterest now, I’m Mrs. Puma.Mrs. Puma recently posted..

      • Hi Bethany,I can’t wait to see those ice cream photos. Can you share a link to one of your brodas so I can follow you on Pinterest.I think Pinterest has pushed content creators toward a tipping point where photos will be as important as headlines online. Blogs of any kind that can take advantage of a good graphic containing the right text to draw a click will succeed on Pinterest and in streams like Google+ and Facebook timeline that are de-emphasizing text headlines in favor of images.Thanks for reading and commenting, Bethany. I tried to comment on your coffee post but it won’t let me check the Confirm you are not spammer box or the subscribe box.I pinned the recipe, so I will find my way back again.Cheers! Please check out my article:

      • Hi Bethany, it’s great to here that you too see there is potential in image shniarg sites like Pinterest.I like the sound of your cookie dough ice cream, I think I may have to make that Thanks for your comment, welcome to the community! Christopher Admin Team

    • There are so many wonderful braods on Pinterest. Even if you don’t want to spend time making your own braods, it’s well worth just hanging out looking at everyone else’s! Great recipes, decorating ideas, even sayings and activities. We actually used it this year with our teens as their Christmas wish lists. They got to pin the things they wanted. I never had to worry about carrying a list around, and when family asked what to buy them, I just sent them to their braods. Gotta love technology!

      • I agree there’s quite a bit of potential. I reltceny took on my mom as a partner in our site and we’ve started the move into food blogging, and I’ve already noticed a difference. In fact, one of my other sites I happened to notice I got 50 visits in the last month from Pinterest. There’s a ton of potential on that site to anyone whose content is well represented in photos, like photography, apparel, food, etc. Naturally, your photography skills are also important, since that’s really what sells it. I’ve been on Pinterest only a few weeks now and I am really enjoying it a lot. I’ve got a cookie dough ice cream (as in, ice cream that tastes like cookie dough, not vanilla with cookie dough in it) recipe I’m working on and I bet it’ll be all over Pinterest when it’s done Please check out my article:

      • Pinterest can really help drive some tfarfic if you are in the correct niches. Recipes (like you stated), products, and even books are a few of the things I have really noticed on Pinterest. I installed the pin-it button on a site (big recipe site) I help out with and they are seeing thousands of visits from Pinterest. So, the potential is definitely there. It will be interesting to see if they keep growing or if they level off soon. Please check out my article:

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